Wall Graphics

Wall,window and floor graphics 

Wall, Window & Floor graphics have come to the fore front of virtually every work space and retail environment. Your first visual impression dictates who you are as a company.


At LA CAR WRAP we provide only the most innovative, highest quality wall graphics. It doesn't matter if you're looking for permanent or replaceable, large format or individual wall graphics, there's a solution for every setting. High resolution wall graphics make your business look more professional.

Wall signs and window signs are graphic calling cards. And nothing conveys a concept or attitude quicker than pictures - nothing attracts attention quicker than full color graphics. That's why wall and window graphics can contribute to your business environment literally overnight. At LA CAR WRAP ® we understand the value of your branding image and will create the atmosphere you want with our wall and window signs.

Window and wall graphics and signs invite your customers in by highlighting your product and service offerings - they give customers a preliminary idea of what to expect. Once inside, though, your wall signs highlight your products and create a compelling context that makes them more appealing and boosts your sales. So think of window signs and wall signs as two parts of the puzzle - getting customers into your location and selling your products.

Interior Vinyl wall Graphics are becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design. These products are available in a variety of styles and colors and are wonderful options for quick and easy wall decoration. Customized vinyl wall graphics and interior murals can add corporate identity to any room. You can have vinyl wall graphics in the form of wallpapers, stickers, decals, kiosks and wall lettering.

Interior wall signage and graphics are easy to apply on smooth surfaces and can be used for long term and short term use. The latest advanced digital technologies are used to produce high quality vinyl wall graphics. These are made of high quality self adhesive vinyl, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications .Vinyl has the capability to hold up against all weather conditions. The printing is created using fade resistant and UV resistant inks. Removable decals are ideal in that these can be taken off when no longer needed; they won't damage the paint on the wall or leave behind any kind of residue.

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