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Visual impressions are the key to grabbing the attention of your customers or guests. While picture frames and posters can go only so far, wall graphics and decals can go beyond and draw viewers into your space. Bold, vibrant and attractive wall graphics add a completely new element to your space, one that you can dictate. Find out more about how wall graphics can transform your home or business by reading on. 


There is nothing worse than a blank wall. Perhaps only mass-produced prints or paintings would be worse. However, you can now transform your ‘boring’ space into something truly extraordinary with custom-created wall murals from LA Car Wrap. Wall murals cover an entire wall or a large portion of a wall. They can last up to 7 years, and do not damage the wall once removed. Delivering gorgeous imagery that is 10 times more powerful than a simple paint job, wall murals tell a story through powerful images. Not only are they effective at communicating whatever idea you wish you to convey, but they are also an incredibly artistic way to do it. Particularly powerful in waiting rooms or lobbies, wall murals are the way to your visitor’s minds and hearts. With wall murals, you can effectively tell your audience they are important to you and that you are dedicated to making their satisfaction your number one concern. They command attention and create an immediate connection to your business. Long after your customers leave, they’ll be talking about the beautiful mural that was in your waiting room or lobby.  


Bright, attractive and fun to look at, wall decals are the perfect way to welcome guests into your space. This bold medium can easily help promote your business by bringing a unique and refreshing energy into any space, making people take notice of what you have to offer. Through state-of-the-art printing and design equipment, we create custom wall decals that convey your message with ease. This powerful and unique format tells your visitors precisely what you want them to know without detracting from your business or home in the grand scheme. This innovative format is ideal for virtually any space, and can compelling communicate your brand. Wall Decals can be customized to fit any creative idea and can be used wherever there is room on a wall. Instead of repainting your space or plastering unattractive marketing material to your walls, you can now use wall decals to clearly display your ideas in an intriguing format. Wall decals generate new and exciting energy, not only for your customers but also for your team members as well. High quality wall decals can make the difference from sub-standard results and provide vivid, complex graphics that make your business stand out. In fact, images are the most powerful way to communicate your brand in an indirect, yet effective manner. Instead of barraging customers with your logo or slogans, you can simply use wall decals to quietly attract their attention and capture their interest. Whether you’re looking for a wall decal for your home or business, we offer the highest quality available.

Interior wall signage and graphics are easy to apply on smooth surfaces and can be used for long term and short term use. The latest advanced digital technologies are used to produce high quality vinyl wall graphics. These are made of high quality self adhesive vinyl, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications .Vinyl has the capability to hold up against all weather conditions. The printing is created using fade resistant and UV resistant inks. Removable decals are ideal in that these can be taken off when no longer needed; they won't damage the paint on the wall or leave behind any kind of residue.

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