Window Graphics


Window graphics have come to the fore front of virtually every work space and retail environment. Your first visual impression dictates who you are as a company.


Are you looking for an easy way to make a statement? If so, then our perforated window wraps are the perfect option for you. At LA Car Wrap, we’re always searching for unique ways to help our customers make a vibrant statement on any surface. With our perforated window wraps, you can adhere any message of your choice to store fronts or to the back of your vehicle. The limits of perforated window wraps are only left up to your imagination. The ultimate way to dress up your business store front or your vehicle, perforated wraps appear solid from the exterior but are transparent on the inside, making it possible for you to easily use them on your vehicle. Our wraps can assist you in achieving a unique and specialized design that can transform the way your customers view you or your business. Unlike other decal options, perforated wraps are easy to install and never damage the surface they’re adhered to. Our goal is to ensure you get the high quality graphics you desire without losing the affordability or the results you crave. Our perforated window wraps are the ideal option for those who 


Window Decals are an easy and cost-effective way to attract positive attention to brand and to create sales for your business. When properly designed and installed, Window Decals can separate your business from the competition. With proper care and maintenance, our Window Decals can last for many years, and give your business a unique selling point. Our decals can be printed on both sides, so regardless if they’re entering your business or leaving it, they see your message wherever they go. Our goal is to make sure your business stands out in the right way, with modern graphics that are professional designed and installed. Because they are adhesive, our window decals can either be permanent or removable based on your needs and choice. This enables you to change your advertising whenever you like, whether that’s based on the season or a special you have going. Alternatively, if you are in need of vinyl lettering or contour cut for permanent window decals we can help out there as well. Our material enables us to easily apply your message to any window in your store front. From adding your business name to the entrance of your business to clearly stating your hours of operation, we make it easy to convey important information to your customers. Whether you want an entire window covered in our attractive and colorful window decals, or if you prefer a simple bit of vinyl lettering to communicate your business message, we can help. Removable or permanent, lettering or graphics, we can help you engage your customers far before they ever open your front door. Contact us today to learn how our window decals can help transform your store front and give it that little extra to increase sales.

Interior wall signage and graphics are easy to apply on smooth surfaces and can be used for long term and short term use. The latest advanced digital technologies are used to produce high quality vinyl wall graphics. These are made of high quality self adhesive vinyl, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications .Vinyl has the capability to hold up against all weather conditions. The printing is created using fade resistant and UV resistant inks. Removable decals are ideal in that these can be taken off when no longer needed; they won't damage the paint on the wall or leave behind any kind of residue.

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